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Advanced food preparation system, advanced stainless steel, titanium and waterless cookware to retain vitamins and minerals.


Health Supportive Cooking System
Health Supportive Cooking
  • 6 qt. Roaster/Saucepan with large dome cover
  • 2 qt. Sacepan with junior dome cover
  • 11″ fry/saute pan with cover
  • 1.7 qt. Saucepan with cover
  • 9″ Gourmet Skillet with glass lid
  • Storage Case
  • Care and use guide and stainless steal cleaner
Special Double Ultra Core Plus

Special Double Ultra
Core “Plus”

Ultra Seal Scientifically Engineered Water Well
Ultra Seal Scientifically
Engineered Water Well
Ultra Seal Control and Whistle Valve

Ultra Seal Control
& Whistle Valve


  • Stainless steel titanium material – safe metal
  • 9-Layer, double thermal core construction – spread heat quickly and evenly
  • Perfect blend of metals and alloys – bonding agent / heat transfer (silver)
  • Scientifically engineered Ultra Seal – water well creates vacuum that cooks food,  preserving flavors & nutrients
  • Ultra Temp control & whistle valve
  • Patented gauge indicates temperature in pan
  • Ultra grip handles stay cool + oven safe to 375°


  • Cooks foods at proper temperature
  • Designed for conventional as well as induction range
  • Cook without boiling or steaming, retain food flavor & nutriotional value
  • Cook without water or grease, reduce cholesterol intake

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      Wellness Supportive Cooking System

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