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Integrated Purification Systems: Air • Water • Environment for the Indoor Space

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Individual systems designed to integrate for optimal health benefits.


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We find our home buyers want [options] that extend beyond just controlling the lights and locks and the most common smart home features.

Felicia Ratka President of Toll Brothers

Ecosystem of features that provide more value & benefits to elevate their standard of living

Features that empower them to upgrade their home as technology evolves

Features that increase the market value of their home

“…The safety of our healthcare team…is our top priority. This now more than ever… [THHC] provided a complete, customized solution for our facilityís indoor air and water purification as well as sanitization….Knowing and trusting the complete purification and sanitization of our facility is taken care of by their expertise while ensuring the care and safety of our healthcare team…remains our top priority.”

— Palmetto Lakes Surgical Center

“I have the deluxe air filter. After [Hurricane] Irma, my apartment had some mold and it had to be remediated, and this air filter finished off the job. It made sure that my air is clean, and pure and I stay healthy. I cannot recommend this enough. It is the best air filter on the market.”

— Laura Gallagher

“I suffered from allergy and respiratory symptoms for some time and struggled to find relief, even while in my own home.  Shortly after installing the Deluxe Air Purification system in my home, I noticed my allergies, watery eyes and respiratory symptoms were dramatically reduced.  It was a relief I had not experienced in some time.  

In addition to its effectiveness in purifying my home, I particularly like the mobility of the unit since I can move it from the living area to the bedroom as needed.  And activating the sleep mode has provided improved rest and increased energy in the morning, which is always welcomed for a fresh start to the new day.”

– M.P. from Naples

“Cindy is my valued colleague and friend, a long-time health and wellness advocate, and the purposefully driven co-founder of The Healthy Home Concierge. Cindy is extremely forward thinking with regard to evolving consumer standards and expectations for health and wellness at home. And The Healthy Home Concierge’s industry leading purification systems and concierge services exceed those expectations, setting a new standard and forming the completion of what has now become the modern home appliance suite.

With the healthy home/ wellness real estate movements rapidly evolving, Cindy’s savvy has The Healthy Home Concierge firmly planted in the white space that has emerged in this market. The short-term and long-term health benefits of a purified indoor environment are extensive, and Cindy is extremely passionate about making optimal well-being accessible one home, one family, one community at a time. Savvy and passion are key ingredients for a successful endeavor and I’m honored to celebrate each new milestone with her!”

– Nicole Mastrangelo – Founder | SR Sales and Market Strategist

“As the largest local ambulatory surgical center in South Florida, the safety of our healthcare team, surgeons and patients is our top priority.  This is now more important than ever given the COVID-19 pandemic.  During the initial consultation, The Healthy Home Conciergeconducted a comprehensive evaluation of our space, including analyzing our floor plans, layout and flow, to determine the most effective and efficient systems for our facility. Speaking with our team to best understand the concerns and needs, UHS providedacomplete, customized solution for our facility’s indoor air and water purification aswell as sanitization. 

Honestly, with UHS as our partner, we can continue to focus on our specialty and expertise, knowing and trusting that the complete purification and sanitization of our facility is being taken care of by their expertise – all the while ensuring the care and safety of our healthcare team, surgeons and patients remains our top priority.”


“Cindy is a really inspiring woman, who has dedicated herself through health, wellness, and beauty issues, to empowering people around the world, helping them achieve their authenticity.

Working with her has been a great challenge, not only because we share the pleasure of doing business, but also because we agree on a life purpose, to value the person more as a spiritual being, and to help them connect with a healthy environment.

The experience has been rewarding and I’m very happy to have worked with her.”

– Mariana Ángel V.

“I invested in the Air Purification System to specifically address Covid-19 virus, and to protect my employees and clients. I will say that we have maximized its features to ensure our space is completely sanitized all day and continues to work overnight for a fresh morning start. One thing I have discovered and appreciate is the fact that the benefits of having an air purifier go beyond Covid-19.

We may have taken it for granted in the past, but purified air not only protects us from viruses, but it also helps protect us all from so many other health ailments as well as ensure a clean, purified environment in the office all the time. This is just one of the many steps we have implemented and will maintain during these unprecedented times and beyond.”

– Julio Ponce | Executive Director Hialeah Housing Authority

“I can’t say enough about these products. I trust them in every way. [The deluxe air filters] are in all of my kid’s bedrooms…and really when it comes to silverware there’s nothing that even comes close; and trust me, my wife has shopped around. We’ve been to the [showrooms] in New York City looking for things, and really nothing comes close, never has, and that’s all we use. Simply because it’s the best, there’s no other reason.”

– RYAN HUNTER-REAY | Indianapolis 500 and Indy Series Champion

“I bought the queen size mattress and pillow and I LOVE them! I’ve bought dozens of pillows in my lifetime because I could never find one I liked or that didn’t make my neck hurt. I will never buy another pillow!! Add up the cost of the other pillows I bought and it far exceeds the cost of the Carico pillow. The mattress is amazing. I love the grounding system. I sleep a lot better and more relaxed. The Italian craftsmanship is the highest quality I have ever seen. And who warrantees a mattress for 21 years?!”


“A few months ago we came over to Dr.Bontemps to do a healthy home inspection, and part of that inspection is checking the EMF, ground and the body voltage. When we came to her house we did not know that she had a Healthy Home Concierge purchasedgrounding bed, and so when we went to check it, it was unbelieveable how low it was,compared to all the other houses we’ve gone to, it was just so low it was unbelieveable.”


“Having a good mattress is incredibly important, getting a good night sleep, being well-rested, letting your body repair, and this sleep system that grounds you while you’re sleeping adds exponentially to the body’s ability to heal and repair. Hormone levels change, everything changes when you’re grounded. And when you can ground in sleep, it’s huge. You walk through your day happy and light becuase you’re taking care of yourself in theulitmate way, which is like sleeping on the ground outside iwth zero voltage. I’m getting chills, it doesn’t get any better than this, really.”