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The Story & Passion Behind it All

Meet Cindy Rodriguez, a purpose-driven certified health and wellness specialist and the Co-Founder of The Healthy Home ConciergeSM and Wellness Properties International. Cindy has long envisioned a world in which health & wellness, lifestyle and real estate converge to form a new standard in luxury living.

Cindy serves as a trailblazer in an industry now standardized with smart home technology and a world rewritten by Covid-19, sparking a rapid advance of the budding home health technology trend. 

On the forefront of this trend, Cindy’s vision for the future included a unique approach that embraced one of her strongest passions- people. Redefining luxury and inspiring healthy living is a mission she fulfills alongside a community of fellow industry experts through the Ambassador Program.

The Ambassador Program enables talented design professionals and industry leaders within the luxury home market to remain at the forefront by expanding their client offerings to include advanced home wellness systems that improve and enhance client health and elevate the standard of living.

Cindy Rodriguez
Did you know?

of people believe their home has an impact on their health

of those people are concerned about indoor air quality

of people are concerned about contaminants in their drinking water

of people never drink tap water due to health concerns

of people with the above-mentioned concerns are willing to pay more for a “healthy home”

Smart Tech + Home Health Tech features increase home values up to 35%

The growing IMPORTANCE OF HEALTH has expanded home tech toward in-depth interconnected ecosystems focusing on both proactive wellness as well as propelled the trend into future health monitoring and management systems.

The Global Wellness Institute

Our homes, communities and surrounding environment directly affect our daily behaviors and lifestyles, and together these determine up to 80–90 percent of our health outcomes. Since our homes are typically our most important personal investment and expenditure, it is only logical that they should also be an investment in our health and wellbeing.