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In her never-ending pursuit to identify and create a healthy lifestyle and environment for herself, family, friends, business partners and clients, she recently came across a few facts, including recently released “COVID-era” stats, that you may or may not know…

• 72% of people believe their home has an impact on their health
• 60% of those people are concerned about indoor air quality
• 55% of people are concerned about contaminants in their drinking water
• 25% of people never drink tap water due to health concerns
• 60 gallons of water, on average, is used in homes per person daily
• 25% of people are “healthy home” believers…& this number is expected to increase
• 94% of people with the above-mentioned concerns are willing to pay more for a “healthy home”

In essence, these statistics point to the fact that “people want a safe & secure place to call home” for themselves & their loved ones.

Why is she sharing this? As a Certified Health Specialist and Co-Founder of an emerging Real Estate Group, Cindy has made it her purpose-drivenmission to integrate the most comprehensive air and water purification systems into both her own home as well as the homes she provides to homebuyers and renters alike… and doing this long before the COVID-19 pandemic… and she wouldn’t have it, or do it, any other way.

These systems have been and will continue to be the completion of the modern home appliance suite in home projects, and they should be in yours too. You wouldn’t leave out the stove or refrigerator, then you shouldn’t leave out the air and water purification system either.

Contact us to learn more about their capabilities, how The Healthy Home Concierge carefully curates them for each unique space and the many benefits of our comprehensive VIP Care Program.

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